Vernon Frazer-Bellicose Warbling
Visual Poetry

Emblematic Moon

Each page is carefully designed, visual patterns of verbal energies intersecting, overlapping, colliding, passing over under and through each other, enhancing and destabilizing each other, going everywhere. In short, Vernon Frazer.

--Stephen-Paul Martin

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Improvisations, in my humble opinion, will take its place in the modernist,postmodernist and alternative pantheon of masterpieces . . . It is and will be a poetic force to be reckoned with well into this century and beyond.

—Ric Carfagna


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Avenue Noir by Vernon Frazer (Book) in Literature & Fiction

Avenue Noir

. . .a virtuoso performance. . . that you do not want to miss , and if you're a serious student of where poetry is headed today, you can't afford to miss it.

--Dan Wabe

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Bodied Tone

“Bodied Tone is terrific---the rhythmic vitality is just that, full of life, but it is seductive too; one gets caught up in the percussive musicality of the phrasing. It’s a driving musicality—
more bebop than balladry, for sure.”

— Lyn Hejinian


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Demolition Fedora

. . . With concentrated, prismatic word play, Frazer spills open the accordion to form "with idiomatic staying power" "longitudinal" "feats of closure."

---Sheila E. Murphy

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Holiday Idyling

In this change of pace from his burning explorations of life and language, Frazer's series of pastoral poems entice the reader with poetic gems that capture moods of romantic anticipation,
reflection and wistful longings... a truly magical work.

--Pernell T. Weidman


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...adventurous use of language and space that never loses its pace or musicality.

---Dawn B. Richmond


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Free Fall

Brash work with an insistent clanging diction which spreads itself around the page using caps, multiple fonts and other typographical devices.

--Peter Ganick


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Sing Me One Song
Of Evolution

a unique and candid collection of poems and word pictures describing the inner life of people with Tourette Syndrome adhering to the highest standards of literary excellence.”

--The Midwest Book Review

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Demon Dance

. . .an exhausting but exhilarating volume of poems . . . Frazer eschews the safe, tidy miniatures of the salon for poetic forms that strain to rearrange the foundations of language as a tool for naming the unnameable . . . Vernon Frazer is a poet who takes no prisoners. Read Demon Dance and be amazed.

--Steve Starger


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A Slick Set of Wheels

"...Frazer has a certain 'beat' element to his work, but with a generous amount of social awareness."

--- Z Miscellaneous


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