Unlikely Stories

Any Moment: Pages 95-102

Gabriel Ricard, Jonathan Penton and C. M. Penton interview Vernon Frazer

Gabriel Ricard reviews Emblematic Moon by Vernon Frazer


Big Bridge

Ric Carfagana interviews Vernon Frazer in Big Bridge #13

Ric Carfagna interviews Vernon Frazer in Big Bridge #12

PRELUDE: An Investigation into the Works of Vernon Frazer in Big Bridge 11

Ric Carfagna reviews Improvisations: Book 3

Visual Art by Vernon Frazer

Danielle Grilli interviews Vernon Frazer

Stephen-Paul Martin and Kirpal Gordon discuss Vernon Frazer

Jonathan Penton reviews IMPROVISATIONS

Dan Waber reviews Avenue Noir

Chen Liang Interviews Vernon Frazer in Nanjing, June, 2004

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