Vernon Frazer has stated that the most complete representation of his work would require multimedia, e.g. presenting his text on screen with recitation and musical accompaniment. Although Frazer received exposure to multimedia works through his studies with contrabassist Bertram Turetzky and performed in several college happenings, he has only recently begun to produce work in this vein.

Frazer’s YouTube channel, with a wide variety of additional videos, can be found at


Spark of Desire Gone South

Spelling a Caste

Shutdown Payday

Turning the Rejection Table

Guerilla Tactic

Same Old Song Again

The Examined Life Examining

Sonic Boom Lowered

Guarding the Passage

Talking the Walk of Fame

Angling a Cranking Tangent

Tooth Fairy on the Take

Nickel-and-Diming the Paradigm

Seekers Up Against Finding

Paying Forward on Credit

Outside the World Inside

Sound Tracking

Finagle Butter

Beautiful Music Outplayed

Sound Shaping Space

Positioning the Indefensible

Riding Synapse

Fame Delay

Cutting Through Rumored Truths

Space for Personal

Unpunctuated Enriching

Declaiming and Molecules

Urgency Livery Tirades

Ampersand Colonic

Storming in Secret

Food For(m) Thought

Backing the Printed Sound

Score # 1 for Synthesizing # 1

Score # 1 for Synthesizing # 2

Score # 1 for Synthesizing # 3

Score # 1 for Synthesizing # 4

Score # 1 for Synthesizing # 5

Threadbare Anomalies

Ante-Climactic Clash

Mysteries of the Present

Whisper Over the World

Oracle Weather

Crusty Bluster in a Vampire Sea

Residue Sneakers

Throttle Incursion

Shaping Up



Glyph Party

Think Tanking

Improvisations (Sections 1 and 2)

Vernon Frazer and Thomas Chapin Live at the Middle East 1992, Part 1

Vernon Frazer and Thomas Chapin Live at the Middle East 1992, Part 2

Vernon Frazer Reads from Anchor What